Searching for the Grey-breasted Mountain-Toucan (ultimately unsuccessfully!) at Wayqecha Biological Research Station Peru's cloud forests, 2014

About me.

I am an award-winning wildlife photographer from London, currently studying for a Research Master's degree in Biology at Durham university.

I've been obsessed with wildlife since I was 10, when I started birding with my dad, but soon wanted to start recording what I was seeing. This led to me first picking up a camera a couple of years later, in the form of digiscoping (a compact camera attached to a telescope). This had severe limitations, and the photos resembled smudges more than anything else, but it was still enough to hook me, so in 2013 I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D60 and Sigma 50-500mm lens.

The obsession that started 10 years ago is still there, and today my photography has taken me to a huge range of locations, from urban jungles such as waxwings at the side of London's A1 or birds of the industrial estates of northeast England to primates and parrots in the more conventional jungles of Peru and vast herds of animals in the vast plains of East Africa.

My images have been awarded in several competitions, such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Asferico Photocontest, British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA), RSPCA Young Photographer Awards, and the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) competitions. I have contributed images and features to several national magazines and newspapers, and have donated photos to charities such as the RSPB and WWT.