In the cloud forest of Peru, 2014

About me.

I am an award-winning wildlife photographer from London, currently studying Biology at university. From an early age I was a keen birder, and my first experience of wildlife photography was in 2007 through digiscoping, using a compact camera attached to a telescope. This proved very restrictive, though, as any subject that moved proved extremely difficult to photograph, and image quality was relatively low. In 2008 I took the plunge and bought my first DSLR and telephoto lens, and it's gone from there.

My photography takes up most of my spare time, and has taken me to a huge range of locations, from the side of the A1 in London to photograph Waxwings to the middle of the Peruvian Amazon, photographing Howler Monkeys and Macaws.

My images have won awards in several competitions, such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Asferico Photocontest, British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA), RSPCA Young Photographer Awards, and the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) competitions. I have contributed images and words to several national magazines, and I have donated photos to the RSPB and WWT.